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This Is What You Must Know Before Watching “Bad Boys For Life”

The film “Bad Boys For Life” comes 17 years after its prequel. It appears in situations where the trend has shifted greatly. The superhero film genre has been so dominating, the police action drama film is no longer a genre that has strong magnets for fantastic commercial achievements. Today’s generation may also not have an emotional attachment to the things offered in such a movie.

Not to mention Will Smith’s astonishment that is not as strong as before and the fact that the makers of the two previous films no longer direct it, an indication of the creator’s lack of confidence was felt from the slow process of realizing and delaying the release schedule. The mere factor of nostalgia can still be used as a weapon to attract the interest of the audience.

Now, it’s directed by Belgian cinema duo, Adil El Arbi, and Bilall Fallah, as expected, this film contains all aspects of the buddy cop genre and what makes this franchise interesting. It was actually very fun. Adil and Bilall presented the shocks like Mr. Bay had presented, to make the audience still feel familiar with the way Mr. Bay presented this franchise before. If you want to watch this artwork of these two amazing directors, you can watch this movie on https://www.androidauthority.com/best-funny-movies-on-netflix-952977/.

As expected of the film starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, the element of comedy is the key. Not only as one of its main assets but also became the best part of the film. Although from a physical point of view, as the ages of the two actors are no longer the same as before (and this is one of the conflicts that were alluded to throughout the story), it’s easy for the audience to see Smith – Lawrence to merge as Mike Lowrey – Marcus Burnett again ever since the first minute of their appearance, even though they last played it more than a decade ago.

Some old names (including Reggie-red) who returned are also more effective at bringing a feeling of nostalgia. While some new characters are able to give their own color and they are enough for this saga to move to the next level.

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