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This Is A Short Review Of “Dolittle” 2020

       The story of Dolittle (2020) itself is quite simple, with the presence of John Dolittle, a doctor who is able to talk to any animal, he is able to treat both humans and animals without problems. His fame spread so that the Queen of the United Kingdom was looking for him herself when she needed a doctor. However, since Dolittle grieving his wife who died while on an adventure, John Dolittle also closed himself and his home from humans entirely. If you want to watch this movie, you can watch it on 123 movies.

       Furthermore, this changed when Stubbins, a child who preferred to befriend animals rather than chasing them, accidentally injured a squirrel when he was forced to learn to hunt by his uncle. In an effort to save the squirrel, Stubbins meets Poly, an old parrot who takes him into Dolittle’s home secretly. There, he met with Lady Rose who was sent from the United Kingdom to meet with Dolittle as well and brought the message that Queen Victoria had fallen ill and she needed immediate treatment from Dolittle.

       Although in doubt, Dolittle finally agreed to a request to cure the Queen of England, and he had to hurry because it turns out that the pain The Queen suffered could only be cured by a rare fruit from the Tree of Eden. Can Dolittle get the fruit quickly?

       By taking a different time and world setting and having the impression of more fantasy or fiction, Dolittle presents an interesting family film because of the variety of animals present to help Dolittle. Starting from small animals such as ducks, parrots, dogs, polar bears, and gorillas. Here, Dolittle’s ability is not just talking to mammals, but also with fish and insects that are shown throughout the film. Dolittle’s actions and conversations with these animals also appeared to be amusing in the eyes of other humans present in the film, not to mention the filling of the voices of animals who were no less funny with their unique personalities.

       Although the premise is simple, the execution of the plot that occurred in Dolittle (2020) feels too rushed and short, so the curiosity that peaked must fall back shortly. The plot that was presented also did not provide space for the characters and animals present in the movie to get the opportunity to tell more about their origins and the development of characters in greater depth.

Even though it has a shorter duration with too much-rushed storyline, Dolittle (2020) is able to provide a glimpse of important information that is easily followed by all ages, and it makes sense enough to be watched by families and children and it does not need to follow Dolittle’s previous story, both the widescreen version and the original children’s storybook version.

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